Broken Hill

Wilyakali Country
First noted in 1844 by explorer Charles Sturt, the ‘Broken Hill’ would become the location of Australia’s largest silver, lead, and zinc mine. Discovered by Charles Rasp in 1883, the ore body is believed to have been laid down about 1600 million years ago. The ore would be the savior of the Australian economy during times of war and downturn and has altered the direction of the country from a reliance on agriculture to one that is industrially competitive.
The ore would be transported on the newly constructed narrow-gauge railway to Port Pirie to be smelted, creating the unique and historic journey, the Silver to Sea Way. Now Australia’s first ‘Heritage City’, Broken Hill is a culturally vibrant and visually aesthetic centre attracting artists, movie makers, rail and mining enthusiasts and heritage tourists.
Early Broken Hill.
Photo: Lionel Noble Collection.