Oodla Wirra

Ngadjuri Country
Currently the location of the fruit fly inspection point for incoming travellers from the east, Oodla Wirra, or Oodly, as it is known locally only acquired its name in 1940. Prior to this time the settlement was named Penn and the railway siding only took the name of Oodla Wirra.
A nearby ironstone flux mine supplied ore to the smelters in Port Pirie from the 1890s and was connected by a small tramway that transported the ore to the siding. Small gold discoveries have created occasional excitement, but the rerouting of the new standard gauge railway line led to the ultimate demise of the town.
Halfway Hotel Oodla Wirra.
Photo: Courtesy Christeen Schoepf.
Water tank that once serviced the steam trains adjacent to the old railway station that burned in 1919. The tank and a small section of platform are all that remain. The new train line bypasses Oodla Wirra.
Photo: Courtesy Christeen Schoepf.