Wilyakali Country
Silverton was proclaimed in 1885 and provided services to local prospectors and miners following the discovery of minerals in the district. The Silverton Tramway Company (STC), Australia’s first privately owned railway was created in 1888 to connect the new South Australian railway line with Broken Hill via Silverton, after the New South Wales government refused to begin the railway construction.
Falling into demise when large and sustainable ore loads were opened in Broken Hill, Silverton has created a new identity for itself through the promotion of its natural beauty, perfect light, visions splendid, mining history and heritage, and as a location for artists, movie production and tourism.
STC ‘Y11’ Locomotive, Penrose Park Silverton.
Photo: Courtesy Christeen Schoepf.
Silverton Entrance Sign.
Photo: Courtesy Christeen Schoepf.