Ngadjuri Country
Located ten kilometres east of Peterborough, the settlement of Ucolta was created as the railway line was being constructed towards Silverton. The town flourished for decades with a school, church, post office and hall servicing local needs until the coming of the standard gauge railway.
The railway then bypassed Ucolta and the settlement went into demise. Ucolta was the birthplace in 1884 of the Perkins Patent Bag lifter, an affordable, simple, yet effective tool for loading carts and rail carriages. About 1700 were constructed locally over twenty years prior to the patent becoming public, leading to mass production. Almost every farm and station possessed one.
Ucolta War Memorial and remnant building 2023.
Photo: Courtesy Christeen Schoepf.
Ucolta Hall, built in the early 1920s.
Photo: State Library South Australia.