Ngadjuri Country
‘We Men’ or ‘We People’
Proclaimed in 1876, this tiny hamlet with a population of about 67 people (2021 census), once boasted 353 residents. The railway from Broken Hill to Port Pirie travelled through the township and from the 1880s created opportunities for economic development.
A variety of stores, a flour mill, butter factory, three churches, and an Institute building were constructed, and a strong social fabric existed with the creation of many community and cultural groups. Improved technologies across all industries including the railways and agriculture required a smaller labour force and Yongala, like many other small towns during the mid-twentieth century began to decline.
Yongala Railway Station 1972.
Photo: Lionel Noble Collection Peterborough.
T181 and Garrett 406 at Yongala heading to Belalie North.
Photo: Lionel Noble Collection Peterborough.